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diagram 1: One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution
Free access to survey opportunities that pay and manage them in one single platform.

diagram 2: Review & Deliver

Review & Deliver​
Make survey opportunities come to you instead of you searching for them.

diagram 3: Tools

Empower you with web and mobile tools to make your Do-Survey-Life easier and happier.

diagram 4: Optimize Surveys Earnings

Optimize Surveys Earnings
Optimize your Paid Survey incomes and rewards.

1. One Stop Solution diagram

● Understand Paid Survey

Market Research companies and Survey Panels need people to help them learn what consumer wants. In return, they pay you for sharing your opinions.

● Select Survey Panels

No time to Google for Survey Panels and check its “Scam Rating”? We help you get started with a list of great Survey Panels that REALLY pay.

● Ditch the Excel file

Record survey transactions in your account and access it anytime, anywhere. Make it your survey diary.

● Free & risk free

Have we mentioned registration is free and we are trusted by over 400,000 members?

● Survey Panels That Really Pay

We continuously search and work with Survey Panels that really pay. We do the tedious work so you can sit back and relax.

● No worries on missing out

We inform and remind you of new Survey Panel in your country so you will always be updated.

2. Review & Deliver diagram


3. Tools diagram

● Survey Panels Categories

Categorize Survey Panels for easy login and further consideration. Never ever forget which Survey Panel you have joined and where to login.

● Survey Journal

Note down all your survey activities and refer back whenever you need to.

● Payment Proof

Upload pictures of payments received from doing Paid Surveys. Keep track of your earnings and win prizes!

● Web and mobile

Access your tools and account anywhere through website or mobile.

By using the right tools, doing it the right ways and having the right attitude, you will complete surveys and optimize your potential earnings from Paid Surveys. Redeem your rewards from Survey Panels as cash, vouchers, gifts and more!*

Survey rewards through PayPal Survey rewards through vouchersSurvey rewards through giftSurvey rewards through online vouchers

4. Optimize Earnings diagram

But don't just take our word for it...

Over Thousand Payment Proofs In 20 Countries

Let's see some real Payment Proofs from PanelPlace members and what they say


Country: IN

Valued Opinions (India)
INR 400, earned in
Image viewed 97 times

"this panel really values my opinions and the rewards are just perfect!"

Country: SG

Valued Opinions (Singapore)
SGD 20, earned in
Image viewed 185 times

"Easy rewards"

Country: AU

Your Voice (Australia)
AUD 20, earned in
Image viewed 74 times

"Gift cards are a great way to get paid, I now have a legitimate reason to visit Bunnings"

Terence Ang
Country: SG

Opinion World (Singapore)
SGD 15.3, earned in
Image viewed 149 times

"Received the reward 1 day after i applied! Took surveys from Opinionworld at my own convenience and received the reward in paypal!"

Kar Kwee
Country: SG

Ann-Kate (Singapore)
SGD 10, earned in
Image viewed 48 times

"First reward from Ann Kate."

Tey Chee Kiat
Country: SG

AIP (Singapore)
SGD 20, earned in
Image viewed 22 times

"This is the survey that I like and 5 times collecting the NTUC voucher from them."

Country: NZ

Toluna (New Zealand)
NZD 10, earned in
Image viewed 860 times

"Great survey panel. Quick fast rewards, in a number of ways!"

Country: MY

Toluna (Malaysia)
USD 6.13, earned in
Image viewed 609 times

"Trusted site, always pay"

Some of the brands that we work with...



That's Everything

Market Research companies and Survey Panels wants to pay you for sharing your opinions, it is time to get started & earn from Paid Surveys now, have fun!

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*Doing Paid Surveys is a legitimate way of earning extra income. However, doing Paid Surveys is not a get-rich scheme and is unlikely to replace a full-time job. Beware of online survey websites that claim high earning potentials from doing online surveys and those require you to pay a fee to receive online surveys. All Market Research companies/Online Survey Panels featured in PanelPlace are free to join.