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About PanelPlace

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Our Story

PanelPlace - Home of Paid Survey

Joining good Survey Panels and managing surveys activities have become more difficult when more and more Market Research studies are conducted online.

So we started in 2008 as a small project to keep track of survey sites on the internet for our own use. It has since grown organically and evolved to a portal that connect users from over 45 countries to Market Research companies and Survey Panels in their country.

We hope to help survey takers worldwide to benefit from Paid Surveys through a comprehensive technology platform that enhances user experience.

By working with world leading reputable Market Research companies and Survey Panels, PanelPlace offers survey takers a reliable channel to access thousands of legitimate paid surveys that genuinely pay for your opinions.

By partnering with PanelPlace, Market Research companies and Survey Panels not only show their recognition and appreciation in survey takers' contribution to Market Research, they also experience greater member's loyalty, higher campaign efficiency and a more profound brand awareness to the public through PanelPlace.

With more than a decade of experience in market research industry, we always position ourselves as a nimble startup and continuously improving. We'd also continue to introduce new features to enhance your user experience and benefit. Our commitment to serve you better will always drive us because we value our users.

We hope the world would become a better place because of your opinions.



Our vision


To become the most well-known and informative website for Paid Surveys


Our mission


To bridge consumers with market research entities and bring Paid Surveys to the mass


Culture Statements

As we grow, our corporate culture shapes our traits, our brand, and our business strategies.

People make things happen; be appreciative of the work, contributions and sacrifices of coworkers.
Always value honesty, sincerity and integrity.
No effort is too small. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Egalitarian relationship is the basis of mutual respect. Be humble and fair to earn your respect.
Lead by example, regardless of your position. Action speaks louder than words.
Pursuit of excellence. Work hard and be proud of what we achieved.
Learn to accept mistake and failure. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success.
Accept responsibility and play as a team. A harmonious workplace builds a long lasting company.
Customer centric. Provide excellent service experience to both customers and co-workers alike.
Exceed expectation. Go the extra mile, it is never crowded.